Recommended Leadership Resources for Church Planters: Todd Adkins

I am asked regularly by church planters about where to locate theologically sound leadership content online. One of my first recommendations is: “Follow Todd Adkins on Twitter”.

Todd currently serves as the Director of Lifeway Leadership in Nashville TN. The podcast he co-hosts with Barnabas Piper, 5 Leadership Questions, is a must-listen. The podcast features great guests on a regular basis, but for me, the most helpful aspect of 5LQ is the practicality of its topics as it regularly features quality content that church planters (or any leader) would find beneficial.

Todd is also a key leader in Lifeways’s fantastic ministry training website Ministry Grid. HighView Church, the church I planted and currently lead, uses Ministry Grid in numerous ways, including the creation of our own custom built leadership assessment.

I highly encourage checking out Todd’s ebook: Pipeline. As someone who loves to think through developmental systems, I have not only been helped out by Todd’s work in this area but have also used “Pipeline” as a resource to create HighView’s developmental processes.

Chad Williams


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