3 Faith Building Books for Quarantine Reading

These are unprecedented times. Most of our daily and weekly rhythms have been disrupted in a myriad of ways. But, even with forced social-distancing, God’s graces are evident. This quarantine represents a tremendous opportunity to do something so many people claim they simply do not have time to do: Read.

When compiling this list of book recommendations for quarantine, I decided to follow the following criteria:

  1.  God-centered

  2.  Devotionally Oriented

What we need, more than anything in this unique season is a high view of God. These books have done more to raise my view of God than any other books outside of Scripture itself. With those criteria in mind, here are 3 books I recommend for quarantine reading.

The Pleasures of God: John Piper

pleasures of god

“The Pleasures of God” is not Piper’s most widely read book, that would be “Desiring God“. This book, however, without question, made the biggest impact on my life. The book is a masterpiece of modern Christian writing and answers the question: What delights God about Himself? This book will change your life by changing your view of God.




The Holiness of God: RC Sproul 

holiness of god

Few books have impacted an entire generation of Christians as much as the late RC Sproul’s classic: The Holiness of God. Sproul presents to us, in his own theologically informed yet concise way, rich teaching on the nature and character of God. If you have never read it now is the time. If you have read it before, read it again.



The Cross of Christ: John Stott 

the cross of Christ Stott


Few men’s writings have affected me as deeply as John Stott’s. Stott’s magnum opus is filled to the brim with Gospel-gems. This book is the focused work of a man who has spent his entire life meditating on the glory of God in the cross of Christ. Every Christian should own this book.


Happy reading!


Chad Williams

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