February Reading Recommendations for Leaders

Hopefully, as we enter the second month of the new year, your 2020 reading journey is well underway. As you continue to add to your reading lists, here are 3 excellent reads for leaders to dive into.

The Accidental President: Harry Truman and the Four Months that Changed the World by A.J. Baime



Imagine suddenly becoming the leader of the free world during one of the most critical moments in human history? That is exactly the place where an unassuming, failed entrepreneur and unspectacular politician Harry S. Truman found himself following the death of FDR in 1945. This page-turner shows a man who was uniquely qualified for just such a moment. There are some indispensable lessons for leaders in this book.


Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory by Tod Bolsinger 

Canoeing the mountains


Pulling from the thrilling story of Lewis and Clarke and their famous exploration of the continental US, Tod Bolsinger has written a powerful leadership book on the unique demands of pastoral ministry in a rapidly changing world. This book is stock full of wisdom and practical insights for leaders.



Master of One: Find and Focus on the Work You Were Created to Do by Jordan Raynor 



Jordan Raynor’s new book is a must-read for anyone who seeks to live their lives pursuing God-glorifying excellence. The book features sound theology and inspiring stories of excellence in both ministry and business contexts. Highly recommend picking up a copy.






Chad Williams

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