Great Leadership Content for Church Planters:

Wading through the endless list of leadership blogs can be difficult. An ability to “eat the meat and spit out the bones” is essential when it comes to searching for great leadership content. In recent years, however, more and more Gospel-soaked leadership content has become available, aimed specifically at church planters. Develop to Deploy will regularly feature and recommend great leadership content available for church planters. This week we are featuring:

Daniel Im is a Teaching Pastor at The Fellowship in Nashville TN and is the Co-Author of Planting Missional Churches with Ed Stetzer.

Daniel’s content is typically geared at helping church planters and campus pastor’s think through training and developing leaders in planting/campus contexts with the purpose of church multiplication and missional advancement.

Factor in his unique and substantial ability to understand and write extensively on developmental processes/structures and the wide range of leadership content Daniel references regularly on his blog and you have a formidable resource from one of the truly gifted, Gospel-centered leaders of the next generation.

Make sure you check out more of Daniel’s content at: 

and follow Daniel on Twitter

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