4 Ways to Identify Leaders

Identifying emerging leaders is one of the most important aspects of organizational leadership. In order to build teams and develop leaders in the future, it is imperative for potential leaders to be identified in the present. How do you know what to look for? Here are 4 ways to identify emerging leaders.

1. Faithfulness

Leadership begins with a consistent commitment to Christ-like character. Look for leaders who exemplify high degrees of commitment in their daily lives. Who shows up on time? Who models consistently? Who can be relied upon? A breakdown at this fundamental level shows a lack of ability to “lead oneself”. An “unfaithful” leader is an unqualified leader

2. Followship 

Before you can learn to lead you must first learn to follow. Who is currently exhibiting service and submission to all authority God has placed over them? Who is presently modeling what is means to be a godly follower? Bad followers typically make bad leaders.

3. Followed

One of the best ways to identify a leader is to look at who is presently being followed. Who is displaying natural influence in their context? Who is trusted, respected and imitated in the room? Before promoting or assigning to position to a prospective leader ask: “Does this individual’s influence exceed that of their current position. The old adage is true: “A leader no one follows is just a guy taking a walk”.

4. Follow-through 

Leaders must be able to complete tasks and fulfill commitments. Who completes tasks and shows “self-starter” ability? (Sidenote: Young leaders often struggle in this area. Providing feedback, coaching and ongoing accountability is a must for development in this vital area).


Chad Williams

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